waifu2x-multi - Image quality improvement, enlargement and noise reduction tools

waifu2x-multi is the best upscaling solutions for the small & noisy images.
Upscalling the small & noisy image even more beautiful.
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📢 Information
  • 🎉 We've released "Kirinuki DB", a service that compiles YouTuber / VTuber video highlights into a database that can be searched on a timeline.
  • 🎉 We've released "AI MAKER", a service that anyone can easily create and play with AI.
small art (2x Upscaling)
noisy art (Noise Reduction)

For comments and requests, please contact Twitter @waifu2x_multi or inquiries

📢 Let's try the more sophisticated and high-speed Pro version
Comparison Chart
Free Pro
computer Server Shared Server Dedicated Server
update Processing speed Slow Fast
hourglass_full Waiting for conversion Yes None
photo_size_select_large Expandable size 10x 16x
aspect_ratio Image size limit Within 2560x2560px No limit
cloud_upload File size limit Within 10MB Within 1GB
queue Batch processing Up to 5 No limit
text_snippet Keeping original file name clear panorama_fish_eye
gif Animated GIF clear panorama_fish_eye
video_call Video clear panorama_fish_eye
email E-mail notification clear panorama_fish_eye
device_hub API support clear panorama_fish_eye
How to use
Noise Reduction (expect JPEG Artifact)
info_outline You need use noise reduction if image actually has noise or it may cause opposite effect.
info_outline Please specify between 0 and 10 for the magnification. It does not expand if you specify a 0.
info_outline If the size of the post-expansion exceeds the 2560x2560px will grow up to possible expansion size.


info_outline Please specify between 0 and 10 for the compression level. It does not compress If you specify 0.

Compression level:0

info_outline To begin the conversion process and to add the image file. After the conversion is complete, you can download by clicking the image.
info_outline If conversion fails, many people use it and the server is crowded, please use after a while.
Or please use a paid service waifu2x-multi Pro that can enlarge / convert images and videos at high speed without restriction of size with your own waifu2x server with high performance GPU.
system_update_altBulk Download
Please drag and drop the file.
Or, please select the file by clicking. (Limits: Size: 10MB, Noise Reduction: 2560x2560px, Upscaling: 2560x2560px
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